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 Carmichael Lane, Mallow, Co. Cork  

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Mallow Vets are based Carmichael Lane, Mallow, Co. Cork

Good morning all! Th...

Good morning all! Thank God for this glorious morning @jcollinsmrcvs
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Beware of the Rottwe...

Beware of the Rottweiler @jcollinsmrcvs : via @YouTube
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@jcollinsmrcvs #res...

@jcollinsmrcvs #responsibleantimicrobialusage: via @YouTube
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Porcine Epidemic Dia...

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) behind huge losses in US pig herds. Major risk for EU! @jcollinsmrcvs
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Lest we forget the importance of our four legged friends...

Lest we forget the importance of our four legged friends...

 Beannachtan ar an cu caorach


New Zealand is famed for its sheep industry; no doubt most of us have eaten lamb from the Land of the Long White Cloud. Whilst travelling through the South Island in 2005, I visited the church on Lake Tekapu (Not unlike Gougane Barra here in Cork!) and was amazed to see this monument dedicated to the humble Border Collie. I was further enthralled by the fact that a dedication was made to this amazing breed through the medium of Irish or Gaelic (Scots) : Beannachtan ar an cu caorach, which means blessings on the hound of sheep, a most apt description! Judging by the ruggedness, isolation and inhospitable terrain of Makenzie County, it is of little wonder that this supremely intelligent breed is held in such high regard by farmers, breeders and animal lovers worldwide.


Surely the best 4x4xfar?



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Thinking of getting ...

Thinking of getting a puppy? Let us help :)” @jcollinsmrcvs
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Trouble lurking.....

Trouble lurking.....

Neosporosis is an infection caused by the protozoan parasite Neospora caninum and is an infection of cattle worldwide. This microscopic parasite is the most frequent cause of bovine abortions in many countries. The parasite is believed to have as life cycle where infection can occur in utero or ingestion of it's infectious particles (oocysts) in the feces of a definitive host (possibly dogs).

Congenital (before birth) infection is a means of perpetuation of the disease in some herds; live born calves from congenitally infected cows are believed to be life long infected. In other cases, a point source of exposure can be determined, thereby suggesting spread of the infectious agent by a definitive host (possibly a cat or dog).

Abortion is the only clinical sign observed in infected cows. Abortion typically occurs between 4 and 8 months of gestation. Fetuses may die in utero, be reabsorbed, mummified, born alive but infected or born clinically normal but chronically infected. A presumptive  diagnosis could be made when faced with an abortion outbreak on farm. HOWEVER, OTHER CAUSES OF BOVINE ABORTION MUST ALSO BE CONSIDERED. The diagnosis may be confirmed by serological examination of a sample from the dam and or aborted fetus (where possible).

Currently, there is no recognised method for infection control from the (unknown) definitive host. Assuming it must be a carnivore or scavenger, all efforts should be directed to excluding the possibility of:

1. Fecal contamination of cattle feed by (cats or dogs)

2. Fetal membranes, fluids, aborted fetuses and dead calves should all be removed so that any putative definitive host and or cattle cannot access them.

3. Congenitally infected cows are at high risk of abortion and abortion rates can be reduced by culling these animals.




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Interesting US view ...

Interesting US view of Ireland's dairy expansion. Exporting is a new phenomenon in US @jcollinsmrcvs
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@jcollinsmrcvs I am...

@jcollinsmrcvs I am ready!
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@VetPracticeVAHS @ro...

@VetPracticeVAHS @robdvet @jennenzie #beentheredonethat #livestrong #fightlikehell @jcollinsmrcvs
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Some timely guidelin...

Some timely guidelines on improving fertility in repeat breeders. @jcollinsmrcvs
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@jcollinsmrcvs #san...

@jcollinsmrcvs #sandwichstall #englishmarket #cork Mary's chana masala 5 stars every time
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We must bring those ...

We must bring those consumers who are not involved in agriculture with us on the journey @jcollinsmrcvs
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@jcollinsmrcvs #nos...

@jcollinsmrcvs #nosyneighbours
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Remember when in the...

Remember when in the countryside! @jcollinsmrcvs #BackIrishFarming”
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IS Mr John Collins MRCVS, the veterinary surgeon at Mallow Vets really that caring, diligent and hard working?

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An oestrus synchrony protocol for fixed time AI in anoestrus cows

d0am-d8am P4, d7am PG, d0am&d9pm GnRH, FTAI d10am = ⬆️CR@FTAI

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@jcollinsmrcvs: Inte...

@jcollinsmrcvs: Interesting times in the battle against TB as BVA restates its position on badger cull
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#jcollinsmrcvs work...

#jcollinsmrcvs working late tonight #fightlikehell #livestrong #upandatem
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@jcollinsmrcvs did ...

@jcollinsmrcvs did the #linford #christie today. Got a chase from a vasectomised bull. #runlikeyourlifedependsonit #BKflamer
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Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow

Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow

John Collins, Vet Surgeon in Mallow, of Mallow Vets is a graduate of The Veterinary College Ireland covering all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Vet Surgeon in Mallow

I enjoy a varied caseload at Mallow Vets and love being on farm dealing with problems in real time. John is a Vet Surgeon in Mallow, click here to read more:

Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow


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